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Artifact Pro Snowboard - 2023 Rome

Rome Artifact Pro Snowboard - 2023

Артикул: 4828536
Цвет: Беcцветный (One Color)
Размер: 153cm
65 910 ₽
Описание товара
Переведено автоматически

Hit the streets with the Rome Artifact Pro Snowboard and never again worry about having the right board. Rome's OG Artifact is already a master of freestyle maneuvers, so this upgrade is, without a doubt, a premium player in and out of the park. It's slightly stiffer for better response, features snappy Carbon HotRods for boosted ollie power, and its core is crafted with lighter woods to keep the board flying without sacrificing strength. Flax Impact Plates keep landings smooth, and the Sinterstrong base lets us glide with little worry.

, Boosted freestyle snowboard takes jumps and jibs to the next level, Traditional camber profile for extreme pop without maxing out stiffness, Double Kick rise in nose and tail reduces catch and stabilizes landings, True twin shape for versatility and play in and out of the park, Medium flex is forgiving while remaining pressable and controllable, Lightweight Pop core crafted with equal parts poplar and paulownia, Flax Impact Plates absorb impacts from big landings, Carbon HotRods in nose and tail enhance snap and response for bigger tricks
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